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Yamaha R1’s 25th anniversary celebration is getting bigger and better

KUALA LUMPUR: Yamaha’s iconic sports motorcycle, the R1 has completed 25 years of existence and this calls for a grand celebration. And rightly so, Yamaha is doing its best to make the event big and special.

Scheduled to take place at Mugello Circuit in Italy from 21-22 July, the manufacturer has planned the Yamaha Racing Experience that'll pay tribute to the bike’s rich legacy. For those who aren’t aware, Mugello is the same site where the MotoGP Italian Grand Prix is held. It is the same event where Yamaha has enjoyed significant success in the past, all thanks to the rides of Fabio Quartararo, Valentino Rossi, and Jorge Lorenzo. It is also the same site where Niccolo Canepa prepared for his Endurance World Championship races.

Yamaha Motor Europe’s Marketing and Motorsport Director, Paolo Pavesio, expressed great honor in celebrating the R1’s anniversary. As per him, the iconic bike is no less than a game consistently pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation.

Furthermore, the motorcycle incorporates cutting-edge technology and pioneered the use of vertically-stacked gearboxes in the production of motorcycles. All leading to enhanced design and performance.

Over the past few years, Yamaha introduced a few, if not many attributes to the R1, like the cross-plane crankshaft (bringing in distinct sound and engineering excellence). Also, back in 2015, the motorcycle embraced the aesthetic cues of the Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP.

Overall, it’s been a long time since the R1 has undergone a significant update and we, like many motorcycle enthusiasts, are eagerly awaiting news of its next evolution.

SOURCES: Purva JainJul 03, 2023

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